This is a list of links of tutorials that I have found helpful when learning more about digital scrapbooking, photoshop, and my camera. Anything that can make my pages look awesome is worthy of keeping up with.

Here are some of my favorite resources that I found....

Drop Shadow Tutorial by Peppermint of One Little Bird Designs
   Best drop shadow tutorial I have seen so far. She explains the how and the why very well..and you won't get lost in any technical jargon. It may seem like a lot to read but once you start experimenting, you will be glad you did.

* Masking Tutorial
   Want to know how to make that string loop through that button? Check out this wonderful tutorial. I used to always just erase away the parts that did not need to show...but this tutorial will teach you a better way. Better, because if you use a mask and "erase" too much, you can get that piece back in no time without worrying about your history saving every step.

* Sharpening for the Web
   Wonder how some pages look so sharp in the galleries? Try out the steps in this tutorial. I believe there are some actions that will do this for you if you feel there are too many steps involved. It doesn't really bother me anymore as I have it down to a science.

   I almost own her entire shop of actions available for Photoshop...and I love every one of them! The link takes you to a video tutorial that she did describing how she edits a photo. Very informative! I always scroll through her site, you never know what new information you will come across. She is one of the sweetest photographers..she is always doing something on her Facebook page.